ABOUT US - Vision & Mission


We at GBMVM live with the conviction that no obstacles in the world have the power to block the path of those who have will to perform and desire to archieve.We belive that perseverance and untiring endeavour work wonder and give us a joy that is at par with joy of sucess itself.The impossible becomes possible when one shows determination and faith in one's abilities.The G.B.Modi Vidya Mandir family has frequently proved its quality,worth and excellence in both academic and non academic achievements.

Our Mission

The trusties of the school are well known industrialists and businessmen of india.Their mission is to put thier native land among the leading centres of education in the country.G.B.Modi Vidya Mandir is the materialization of their dreams.the mission of thge school is to provide to the students of the region,irrespective of caste,creed or faith,the most modern and most ideal educational environment with the help of state of the art educational technologies.Traditional Indian culture,social traditions and human values are given top priority.The aim is to nurture and groom future citizens by fostering a global outlook and futuristic vision in them so that they can serve with the best of thier capabilities.